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Subject: [INFOCON] Resource: infowar australia
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 12:44:35 -0000
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[An Australian IW web site which has a very good IO bibliography. WEN) 

Infowar Australia, a site that examines Information Warfare and National
Information Infrastructure, particularly within Australia. 

Infowar in Australia

In an inital effort to look at the state of Information Warfare in
Australia, I put together a paper that looks at what IW means to
Australia, who is involved, and some of the efforts that have been
established in relation to IW

Note: This is an unpublished paper, and is due for new material to
recognise efforts that have occurred in the last 2 years (2001/02)

IW and the NII

Information Warfare can be considered an infrastructure attack, and as
such there is much in common between IW and NII. Check the NII section
for information on what is happening in Australia with regards to
National Information Infrastructure

Defence View

Although there is not a lot of openly available information, there are
references to Information Warfare from various Defence and Intelligence
organisations. The initial trend was to follow the United States
definitions, but Australia is gradually adopting its own definition and

In ASIO's 1996/97 Annual Report the director refers to further
development in consideration of issues relating to commercial encryption
and improved understanding of issues concerning information warfare

Political View
Information warfare has had brief mention in various political party's
policy statements

In 2000 the Australian Labour Party discuss how they will develop a
framework to deal with information security issues such as information
warfare, computer crime and the vulnerability of critical
infrastructures [source]

In 1998, the Liberal Party announced that the Office will prepare for
the Minister a public paper to be released next year on the Australian
Defence Force and the RMA and information warfare, setting out policy
options and issues [source]

A 1993 paper examining the need for Australia to develop a strategic
policy on Open Source Information, examines Information Warfare from the
U.S. point of view and details the need for Australia to consider a
doctrine for information, at a national level [source]

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