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[] Reuters 17.03.03: US psychological warfare in Iraq moves to faxes,

US psychological warfare in Iraq moves to faxes

REUTERS[ MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2003 10:22:29 PM ] BAGHDAD: The United States, 
widening a campaign of psychological warfare in Iraq, is faxing messages to 
Baghdad residents urging them to help US soldiers in the event of war, 
residents said on Monday.

The faxes also instructed them to tune into an American army radio station 
broadcast in Arabic.

"If you meet a lost coalition soldier or pilot whose plane was shot down, 
please give him all you can spare of water, food or medical attention if he 
needs it," a text of the latest Arabic message obtained by Reuters read.

"Guide him or point out the way to safety. You will be thanked and rewarded 
for your favour."

Another message said: "Attention! In time of crisis, listen to the 
important news on 'Information Radio'." It gave the frequencies of the station.

Washington has been bombarding Iraq with propaganda material for months. US 
planes patrolling a "no-fly" zone over southern Iraq have dropped millions 
of leaflets over military bases urging soldiers not to fire at US forces.

The US also launched an e-mail campaign, sending messages to officials 
urging them to reveal where alleged weapons of mass destruction were hidden 
and disobey orders to use them.

The United States and Britain have a force of over 250,000 military 
personnel poised to invade Iraq to oust President Saddam Hussein and strip 
Baghdad of banned weapons.

Washington and London have given the UN Security Council until Monday to 
agree on a resolution authorising war.

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