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[] Aftenposten: USA lied about Iraq's weapons,

Klare Worte aus Norwegen zum US-Infowar. Man darf gespannt sein, wie
es sich auf die Karriere des Herrn Siljeholm in den USA auswirkt:

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Oppdatert: 19.03.2003, kl 11:45

USA lied about Iraq's weapons

A US-based Norwegian weapons inspector accuses the USA and Secretary
of State Colin Powell with providing the United Nations Security
Council with incorrect and misleading information about Iraq's
possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), newspaper Dagbladet

Joern Siljeholm, Ph.D. in environmental chemistry, risk analysis and
toxicology, said that the USA's basis for going to war is thin indeed,
and called it a slap in the face to the United Nations weapons

Siljeholm told Dagbladet that Colin Powell's report to the Security
Council on how Iraq camouflaged their WMD program was full of holes.

"Much of what he said was wrong. It did not match up at all with our
information. The entire speech was misleading," Siljeholm said.

Asked if the Americans lied, Siljeholm said: "Lie is a strong word -
but yes, the information Powell presented about Iraq's nuclear program
was simply incorrect," Siljeholm said.

"We received much incomplete and poor intelligence information from
the Americans, and our cooperation developed accordingly. Much of what
has been claimed about WMDs has proven to be sheer nonsense. From what
I have seen they are going to war on very little," Siljeholm told

After 100 days in Iraq, Siljeholm, now a researcher at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, is on holiday in
Florida with his family.

"I strongly doubt that the American will find anything at all. In any
case I doubt that they will find WMDs that constitute a military
threat," Siljeholm said.

Siljeholm said that his thoughts are now with the Iraqi people he met,
and who cooperated with the inspectors.

"It is a weary country with many weary people. The people want peace,"
Siljeholm said.


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