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Reg: Hacktivists DDoS 10 Downing St site

Hacktivists DDoS 10 Downing St site
By John Leyden
Posted: 24/03/2003 at 11:34 GMT

UK government website 10 Downing Street (also at this URL) was briefly
rendered inaccessible yesterday after a co-ordinated denial of service
attack protesting the Prime Minster's role in the conflict.

The site, which runs IIS on Win2K (according to Netcraft), is back

Unconfirmed reports suggest hackers went one step further with the
Whitehouse site, reportedly spraying it with anti-war graffiti. Defacement
archive,, links to a record of this supposed defacement,
although its report contain a strong caveat that it wasn't able to capture
and confirm the attack itself. Zone-h's affiliate ZATAZ Magazine provides
an archive of the brief defacement of The site, which uses
an Apache on Linux platform, is now up and running.

Separately, defacement group Carders defaced 3,000 (seemingly random) Web
sites, again over the weekend. Its motives in this attack remain unclear,
though it likely that these sites were also attacked as part of an
anti-war protest. ® 


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