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[] AFP 290303: Iraqi civilians feed hungry US marines,

Hallo Liste,
bin wieder da & schicke Euch schon mal folgende Pretiose:
Iraqi civilians feed hungry US marines
Sat Mar 29, 4:16 PM ET

CENTRAL IRAQ (AFP) - Iraqi civilians fleeing heavy fighting have stunned
and delighted hungry US marines in central Iraq (news - web sites) by
giving them food, as guerrilla attacks continue to disrupt coalition
supply lines to the rear.
Sergeant Kenneth Wilson said Arabic-speaking US troops made contact with
two busloads of Iraqis fleeing south along Route Seven towards Rafit,
one of the first friendly meetings with local people for the marines
around here.
"They had slaughtered lambs and chickens and boiled eggs and potatoes
for their journey out of the frontlines," Wilson said.
At one camp, the buses stopped and women passed out food to the troops, 
who have had to ration their army-issue packets of ready-to-eat meals 
due to disruptions to supply lines by fierce fighting further south. (...)

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