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[] American cell phone technology in Iraq,

Irak: alte Seilschaften & neue Telefone für die Nachkriegszeit

CDMA Pushed on Postwar Iraq
By Michael Singer
March 27, 2003

A coalition is afoot in the U.S. Congress to replace European with 
American cell phone technology in Iraq as soon as the conflict is over 
and the country rebuilds.

Congressman Darrell Issa (R.-Calif.) Wednesday introduced a bill based 
on a letter to the Pentagon, the U.S. Agency for International 
Development (USAID) and other lawmakers demanding that the Department of 
Defense and USAID show favor to CDMA technology made by San Diego-based 
QUALCOMM (Quote, Company Info).
While QUALCOMM's roots are deeply embedded in U.S. military, the 
wireless giant is taking a neutral stance to the issue.
"QUALCOMM is supportive of the effort to promote the deployment of CDMA 
in post-conflict Iraq. CDMA offers significant voice and data advantages 
over GSM, and is the basis for the next generation of wireless 
communications. Deploying CDMA will provide the most advanced wireless 
services, including position location capabilities, to those individuals 
working to rebuild Iraq," QUALCOMM spokesperson Christine Trimble issued 
in a statement. (...)

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