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[] Hackers bombard US sites, pasting anti-war messages,

Hier ist doch etwas zu den Hacker-Attacken. Naja... das übliche in
solchen Kriegszeuten, oder?

Hackers bombard US sites, pasting anti-war messages

New Delhi, March 29, IRNA -- As Baghdad continues to be pounded by US
forces, the cyber war too has intensified with more and more hacker
groups defacing websites and pasting anti-war messages, local press
reported on Saturday.

On Friday alone, a record number of over 2,000 sites were vandalized
by little-known hacker groups, taking the total number of sites coming
under digital attack to around 30,000 ever since the war began., the online version of the Arabic news channel which has
been beaming the devastation in Iraq, has come under a `patriotic'
attack obviously by an American hacker who identified himself as
`Patriot, Freedom Cyber Force Militia'.

Though the site managed to put up its original within a short time,
the patriot had indeed left his mark supporting the US-led war.

Another hacker group `gl0b4l', on Friday attacked more than 2,000
sites and pasted a rather interesting massage. "Don't get me wrong. I
am not against the US, I am against war. Innocent soldiers and
innocent people are going to die. Long Live US, In Peace, In One

The hacker apparently brought down a server and all the sites hosted
on it. However, he did not appear to have damaged any data on the

The other hacker groups active today were TechTeam (whose message was
`Stop war...only innocent people die'), Ironic Boys (`We want peace.
No war USA sux), NHC, USG, Renjana and and The
well-known defacement mirror site,, had posted all the
defaced sites on seven pages. Generally, the defacement list does not
go beyond two or three pages, even when hackers are most active.

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