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[] "the press would not be protected",

Journalists injured as Baghdad hotel attacked (11:00 MEZ)

Jason Deans and Ciar Byrne, Tuesday April 8, 2003,12823,932200,00.html

The base for most western journalists in Baghdad, the Palestine hotel, 
has been attacked this morning as the battle for the Iraqi capital 
intensifies. (...)


US to stop firing on press base

Owen Gibson, Tuesday April 8, 2003  (12:30 MEZ),7493,932230,00.html
But this morning's attack underlines the vital communications role the 
media can play - live pictures of the hotel and the four injured 
journalists will have been relayed instantly to the command centre in 
Qatar where the order to stop the attack may then have been given.
It will raise questions about the safety of journalists in a war zone. A 
CNN reporter today said he had been told by sources in Washington that 
the press would not be protected.
"I have been speaking to the Pentagon and they say we were told this was 
an ongoing warzone and a hazardous area.
"They said that while they regretted the death of the al-Jazeera 
reporter he knew the risk he was taking when he put himself in the 
middle of a war zone. The US has said all along they could not provide 
for the safety of journalists in a war zone. Senior management from 
media organisations had been told from the start the military would take 
no steps to avoid involving journalists," he said.

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