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[] Al-Quds Al-Arabi 28.04.03: A Letter from Saddam Hussein to the Iraqi People and the Arab Nation,

Werte Liste,

fake oder nicht, keine Ahnung. Jedenfalls das Verwirrspiel um Saddam 
Hussein geht los wie jenes um OBL.



Special Dispatch - Iraq
April 30, 2003		
No. 496

A Letter from Saddam Hussein to the Iraqi People and the Arab Nation

The London Arabic-language daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi, known for its 
ideological affinity with the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, 
published a letter, allegedly from Saddam addressed to the Iraqi people and 
the Arab nation on the occasion of his birthday, April 28. According to the 
paper, "sources close to Saddam confirmed the authenticity of his 
handwriting and signature and noted that the conditions of his hiding place 
do not currently permit more than a written letter, for security reasons." 
The paper also published a picture of the first lines of the letter, and of 
Saddam Hussein's signature on it. In the letter Saddam calls upon the Iraqi 
people to set aside the differences between Shiites and Sunnis and 
concentrate on 'fighting the occupation'.  He claims that the defeat was 
caused by betrayal and calls for boycotting the American administration in 
Iraq.  Following is the letter in its entirety: (1)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful:

'Indeed, [before the battle began] they swore an oath to Allah that they 
would not turn back in flight, and an oath to Allah must needs be answered 
for' (2)

Iraq, April 28, 2003

"From Saddam Hussein to the Great Iraqi People, and the Sons of the Arab 
and Islamic Nation, and men of honor everywhere: Peace be upon you, and 
Allah's mercy and blessings."

'This Is No Victory As Long as There is Resistance In Your Hearts'

"Just as Hulagu entered Baghdad, so did the criminal Bush enter Baghdad, 
with the help of [traitor from within] 'Alqami (3) - indeed, even more than 
one 'Alqami."

"They did not vanquish you, you who refuse to accept occupation and 
humiliation, and you, who have Arabism and Islam in your hearts and minds, 
[they did not defeat you] except through treachery."

"By Allah, this is no victory, as long as there is resistance in your hearts."

"What we used to say has now become fact. We do not live in peace and 
security as long as the monstrous Zionist entity is on our Arab land, and 
therefore there should be no split in the unity of Arab struggle."

"Oh sons of our great people, rise up against the occupier and do not put 
your trust in those who speak of Sunnis and Shiites, because the only 
problem that the homeland, your great Iraq, is experiencing now is occupation."

"There are no priorities [now] other than the expulsion of the cowardly, 
murderous infidel occupier. No honorable hand would be extended to shake 
his, except that of traitors and collaborators."

"I say to you that all the countries surrounding you are against your 
resistance - but Allah is with you, because you are fighting disbelief and 
defending your rights."

"The traitors have allowed themselves to proclaim their treachery, although 
this is a shameful thing. You should now proclaim your rejection of the 
occupier for the sake of the great Iraq and the nation, and for Islam and 

"Iraq shall triumph, and with it the sons of the nation and men of honor. 
We shall restore the archeological artifacts they stole, and we shall 
rebuild Iraq, that they want to divide into separate parts, may Allah bring 
shame upon them."

Palaces Not Registered In My Name - I Moved to a Small House Long Ago

"Saddam had no property registered in his own name and I challenge anyone 
to prove that the palaces were not registered in the name of the Iraqi 
state. I abandoned them long ago and went to live in a small house."

"Forget everything and resist occupation. The sinful error begins when 
there are priorities other than the occupier and his expulsion. Remember 
that they aspire to bring in the conflicting parties so that your Iraq will 
remain weak, so they can plunder it as they have been doing."

"Your party, the party of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath, is proud that it has 
not it did not extended its hands to the Zionist enemy and did not make 
concessions to the cowardly American or British aggressor."

"Whoever stands against Iraq and plots against it shall not enjoy peace 
relying on American support."

"Blessings to every man of the resistance, every honorable Iraqi citizen, 
and to every woman, child, and elderly person in our great Iraq."

"Unite and the enemy will flee from you, and with him the traitors that 
entered with him."

"Know that he who came with the invading forces and he whose planes flew in 
order to kill you will not send you anything but poison."

"Allah willing, the day of liberation and victory will come, for us, for 
the nation, and for Islam above all else. This time, as always when right 
triumphs, the days to come will be better."

"Safeguard your property, your departments, and your schools, and boycott 
the occupier. Boycott him, as this is your duty towards Islam, the 
religion, and the homeland."

"Long Live Great Iraq and its people"

"Long Live Palestine, free and Arab from the river to the sea,"

"Allah Akbar"

"Disgrace upon the despicable ones."

"Saddam Hussein
26 Safar, 1424
April 28, 2003"

(1) Al-Quds Al-Arabi (London), April 29, 2003. Subheadings added by MEMRI.
(2) Koran 33 (Chapter Al-Ahzab):15
(3) Muhammad Al-Din ibn Al-'Alqami was the vizier of the last Abassid 
caliph, Al-Mu'tasim. Ibn Al-'Alqami reportedly assisted the Mongol army led 
by Hulago to take Baghdad in 1258.

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