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 Date sent:              Thu, 13 Mar 2003 10:52:40 -0500
 Subject:                Please circulate announcement of Summer Faculty Institute on
 From:                   Laura Reed <lreed -!
- hampshire -
 The Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies (PAWSS)
 will convene its 20th annual Summer Faculty Institute on:
 Weapons of Mass Destruction:
 The Evolving Threat in the 21st Century
 June 10-13, 2003
 Amherst College, Amherst, MA
 Since 9/11, the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction 
 (WMD) and international terrorism has figured ever more critically 
 in U.S. foreign policy and international security affairs.  No course 
 on international relations or world affairs can avoid addressing 
 these dangers. Yet, much of the academic discourse on WMD 
 proliferation is still framed in language reminiscent of the Cold War 
 era.  This year's Summer Faculty Institute will provide 
 undergraduate teaching faculty with an extraordinary opportunity to 
 review recent trends in the field with noted experts, and to explore 
 ways to integrate these issues into the college curriculum.
 Expert Speakers include:
 Joseph Cirincione (Carnegie Nonproliferation Project)
 Frances Fitzgerald (Author)
 Daryl Kimball (Arms Control Association)
 Michael Klare (Peace and World Security Studies, Hampshire)
 Steven Miller (International Security Program, Harvard)
 Christopher Paine (Natural Resources Defense Council)
 Leonard Spector (Monterey Institute Center for Nonproliferation Studies) 
 Peter Weiss (Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy) 
 Lawrence Wittner (History, SUNY Albany)
 Susan Wright (History of Science, Michigan)
 For more information on conference topics and registration
 information, please view our website:  Or call 
 PAWSS at: (413) 559-5367; email: pawss -!
- hampshire -
 $100 registration fee (includes all local expenses)
 Laura Reed
 Program in Peace and World Security Studies (PAWSS)
 Hampshire College
 Amherst, MA 01002
 (413) 559-5367
 email: lreed -!
- hampshire -

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