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[] Pentagon-Sprecherin Victoria Clarke tritt zurück,

Was sagen die Medien-ExpertInnen auf der Liste dazu? Hintergründe?

NEWS RELEASE from the United States Department of Defense

No. 419-03
Jun 16, 2003

Pentagon Spokeswoman Steps Down

Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld announced today that chief
Spokeswoman Victoria Clarke would step down from her post as assistant
secretary of
defense for public affairs on June 20. Citing personal reasons for her
Clarke said, "I depart sadly, because this has been the best
professional experience
of my life. It has been a true honor working for the men and women of
the U.S.

"Torie Clarke is a gifted communicator," said Secretary Rumsfeld.
"During her
remarkable two years of service in the Department of Defense, she has
countless new methods to tell the story of our fighting forces, and
bring their
courage, dedication, and professionalism into sharp focus for all
Americans. She
will be sorely missed."

Lawrence Di Rita, special assistant to the Secretary of Defense, will
perform the
duties of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs until a permanent
for Ms. Clarke is confirmed.

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