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[] InfowarCon, Washington, 30.9.-3.10.,

Und hier die "Gegenkonferenz" von Winn Schwartau (die zicken ganz schön
rum, obwohl sie so lange zusammengearbeitet haben), der jetzt mit dem
Terrorism Research Center offiziell zusammenarbeitet. Naja, das war eh
schon immer die gleiche DC-Mischpoke. ;-)

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Subject: [Infowarcon] Infowar/InfowarCon News  July 16, 2003
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 23:30:38 -0400
From: "Betty G. O'Hearn" <betty -!
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Infowar/Infowarcon News for 7/16/03

1.  InfowarCon forms synergy with Terrorism Research Center
2.  Program news for InfowarCon
3.  Infowar.Com   gaining in members and traffic!
4.  Security Awareness Programs

1. InfowarCon forms synergy with Terrorism Research Center

Contact: Marcia Maslo
203/840-5398 v
mmaslo -!
- reedexpo -

Reed Exhibitions announces the formation of  two strategic alliances to 
fortify "InfowarCon"

(NORWALK, CT July 2003) - - - -  Reed Exhibitions, organizers of the 
InfowarCon and TRCcon events (Sept. 30 -Oct. 3, Renaissance Hotel, 
Washington , DC), has formed two strategic alliances with Winn
founder of the InfowarCon event, and Matthew Devost, president and 
co-founder of The Terrorism Research Center (TRC). The result of these 
alliances will enhance InfowarCon's comprehensive international
on Information Warfare, Homeland Security, Critical Infrastructure 
Protection and Counterterrorism and bring the latest research and 
information to the event.

As part of this alliance, Schwartau cancelled his relationship with MIS 
Training Institute in late 2002, in order to better expand InfowarCons 
offerings and create new opportunities with synergistic organizations
the Terrorism Research Center (TRC).    InfowarCon and its partnership
TRC will offer an outstanding series of programs and tutorials and over
hours of topical and technical presentations from todays leading experts
their fields. The faculty is composed of  Brian Michael Jenkins,
Junger, Robert Young Pelton, Dr. Robert Bunker, Walter Purdy, Matthew 
Devost, Winn Schwartau, Douglas Dearth and many more. Celebrating
anniversary with the presentation of InfowarCon 2003, conferees may
InfowarCon or TRCcon individually or purchase a Superpass allowing full 
access to both events. In addition, InfowarCon will also overlap with
Exhibitions National Summit on Security (NSS) to take place Oct. 1 3 at
Washington Convention Center offering one of the most comprehensive 
gatherings of international, national, and corporate security
determined to protect their organizations and their governments from 
internal and external security threats.

TRC is the unquestioned leader in the study of terrorism today. I am 
exceedingly proud to be working with TRC in expanding our offerings and 
mutual franchises. No other conference event offers such an opportunity
this partnership now provides,stated Winn Schwartau. TRC has been
with InfowarCon since 1996 when the company was founded and has
itself as the premiere organization for research, analysis, training and 
assessment on counterterrorism and homeland security issues, with many
their programs receiving national acclaim.

Matthew Devost echoed the sentiments, "Our business model provides for 
teaming with best of breed  partners such as InfowarCon and Reed 
Exhibitions to provide attendees with an unparalleled access to
on topics that will be  critical elements of national and corporate 
security agendas over the coming decade."

We expect this year to be a blockbuster event,said Scott Temple, vice 
president, Reed Exhibitions. We felt that combining the strengths of the 
three organizations core competencies, we could better meet the 
expectations of an increasingly demanding public and government

Schwartau, TRC, and Reed Exhibitions are currently planning on the
of  InfowarCon and TRCcon both domestically and internationally.
to Temple, as we firm-up our plans, we will be communicating these to
industry over the next several months.

  For further information on InfowarCon and TRC, click here: 
<> and

<>  For InfowarCon/ TRCcon
opportunities or to exhibit contact:  Michael Alessie, Sales Manager at 
203-840-5387 or <mailto:malessie -!
- reedexpo -
 com;>malessie -!
- reedexpo -
Matthew G. Devost, <mailto:TRC -!
- terrorism -
 com>TRC -!
- terrorism -
at  703-626-0672.


Founded by Winn Schwartau in 1994, InfowarCon has grown into the premier 
international Information Warfare event. It has assembled a full team of 
international experts from thirty-plus countries such as the United
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National Infragard Protection
(NIPC),  InfraGard, Air Force Information Warfare Center, U.S. Secret 
Service, Electronic Crime Task Force, IW Battle Lab, Northrup Grumman, 
Terrorism Research Center, National Defense University, the Governments
England, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, and
leaders of Congress and the private sector.

Terrorism Research Center, Inc.

Founded in 1996, the Terrorism Research Center, Inc. (TRC) is an 
independent institute dedicated to the research of terrorism,
warfare and security, critical infrastructure protection and other
of low-intensity political violence and  gray-area phenomena. The TRC 
represents a new generation of terrorism and security analysis,
expertise with technology to maximize the scope, depth and impact of its 
research for practical implementation.

The TRC provides core expertise in terrorism, counter terrorism,
infrastructure protection, information warfare and security (including 
design review, technical assessments, policy development and review, and 
training), vulnerability and threat assessment (red teaming), systems 
engineering, encryption, intelligence analysis, and national security
defense policy.

As a public service, the TRC also operates a public web site 
(<> and 
that receives over 5,000,000 hits per month and is used by researchers 
worldwide. It is linked to over 6000 sites on the Internet and has been 
cited as a source by CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the 
Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, Terrorism and Political 
Violence, Newsweek, National Public Radio (NPR) and other news media, 
professional associations, and academic journals and books. Global media 
web sites such as, as well as Official US Government web sites, 
regularly list the TRC as a sole private source for online information.

Reed Exhibitions

Reed Exhibitions is the worlds largest organizer of business-to-business 
events. Each year Reed plans and executes over 450 events worldwide.
has the highest number of top 200 shows ranked by Tradeshow Week

A member of the Reed Elsevier plc group, a world-leading business and 
information provider, Reed offers integrated market access programs 
covering exhibitions, trade publications, direct marketing and the
over a database of 3.5 million in North America. Headquartered in
CT, Reed also has offices in Newton, MA; Palm Beach, FL; Las Vegas, NV;
Toronto, ONT (Canada).

For registration, program details and updates are posted on 
<>, and 


The proposed MIS Conference, The Forum on Information Warfare is NOT 
InfowarCon" which is a Trade marked international event now celebrating
10th Anniversary. The MIS event is not endorsed or supported by
Winn Schwartau, Interpact, Inc., Betty O'Hearn, Doug Dearth, White Wolf 
Consulting, Matthew Devost, The Terrorism Research Center, TRCcon, 
NiceKids, Security Experts.

  2.  Program news for InfowarCon/TRCcon

Infragard Members can enjoy a discount if attending InfowarCon.  Contact 
Betty O'Hearn,  betty -!
- infowarcon -
 com or call 727-360-4061.

Keep up to date with the evolving agenda for 

TRCcon agenda will be listed in about 7 days.

Cyber wargames will be back hosted by Tim Rosenberg of White 
Wolf  Consulting, We will also offer Hacking 101 and a forensics
that will utilize data from the wargames.

This year, a real live UAV will be showcased across the street at the 
Washington Convention Center with another expo you can participate in
free.  News on that later.

If you would like a brochure mailed on either conference, please write 
betty -!
- infowarcon -
 com for InfowarCon  OR   for TRCcon, write 
Betty -!
- terrorism -
 com -
   Include your complete snail mail address.

Don't forget we offer student discounts!

3.  Infowar.Com gaining members and traffic!

In less than four months, we have over a thousand members and traffic 
picking up daily.  Be a part of the forums and sign up.  Start a thread
Send any articles for me you want in What's New OR 
Announcements.  betty -!
- infowar -
 com -
    Add your jokes to the Humor Forum. 
Clean please!)

4. Security Awareness and Complete Computer Based Training

Winn has been busy writing courses for our CBT offerings.  We also can 
taylor a Security Awareness program that fits your IT budget.  Need
art OR screen savers.  Get them free at
Write us if you have any SA needs.  Winn -!
- thesecurityawarenesscompany -
Betty -!
- the


Have a great day!


Betty G. O'Hearn
Executive Assistant to Mr. Winn Schwartau
Security Awareness Programs
727-360-4061 voice
407-650-3106  fax

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