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[] Terrorists told how to destroy Australia,

Hallo infowar,

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Terrorists told how to destroy Australia

TERRORISTS could cut off our phones and electricity, crash bank
computers and disable Defence Force communications using a how-to
handbook on the Internet.

All the information they need is supplied in an official report on a
Government website detailing how vulnerable we are to attack.

It was written by a former government security analyst and is so
sensitive the Herald Sun has been advised not to print the author's
name nor the website's address.

National security is the responsibility of Federal Attorney General
Daryl Williams but a spokesman last night said the office would not
comment. The office would prefer to make a full response today, she

Australia's greatest weaknesses in its energy supply, banks, financial
networks and telecommunication system are revealed in the report,
which was prepared in the lead-up the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

"Computers cannot operate without power," the report said. "Nor can
telecommunications, the financial network or defence communications."

Criticised by experts as a major security oversight, the
Government-commissioned report reveals:

THE locations of Melbourne's gas supply and the weakest link in the
oil and gas pipeline.

WHERE to find the central computer to shut down the electricity for
all of NSW.

THE electricity sub stations supplying power to the national capital,
including Australia's

Defence Force headquarters and major government agencies.

THE critical telephone exchanges to attack to sever communications
between eastern and Western Australia and from the rest of the world.

CASTS doubt on to the Reserve Bank's claims that its computer systems
are secure.

HOW to disrupt radio and TV communication to the public in the event
of an attack.

HOW to stop payments to Australia's military personnel to destroy
morale during a conflict.

"Infowarfare" expert Matt Warren said if terrorists successfully
attacked simultaneously all the weak spots identified in the report,
the result would be an unprecedented disaster.

"Some of the information may be outdated but an attacker could use
that report as a blueprint for assessing the vulnerabilities of
Australia's critical infrastructure," said Mr Warren, a Deakin
University associate professor and director of the Australasian
Institute of Network Information Warfare.

"It means an attacker is getting a jump start."

Mr Warren said Australia was behind the United States and even New
Zealand in defending against cyber-attacks. The report names "choke
points" or critical telecommunications exchanges at Katherine, Woomera
and Ceduna, which link the east and west coast.

"If these critical nodes were attacked, all terrestrial communications
between the west and east would be severed," the report said.

"Add the exchange at Camooweal (Queensland) and the entire centre of
the continent would be severed from the outside except for direct
satellite link and HF (high frequency) radio."

The report also casts doubt on claims by the Reserve Bank that its
systems were secure.

"The RBA computer is located at head office (at Martin Place, Sydney)
and is linked on-line with the Reserve Bank's state branches in each
capital city (except Darwin)".

Given the weak link in NSW's power supply, "the bank's claim with
respect to sustainable power (is) suspect".  


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