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[] NERC board votes to adopt cyber security standard,

Das war am 13.8., also einen Tag vor den Stromausfällen...

NERC board votes to adopt cyber security standard.

Princeton Forrestal Village, 116-390 Village Boulevard, Princeton, New
Jersey 08540-5731

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Ellen P. Vancko

August 13, 2003 evancko -!
- nerc -

NERC?s Board of Trustees has voted to adopt a cyber security standard
that will reduce risks to the reliability of the bulk electric system
from any compromise of critical cyber assets, including computers,
software, and the communication networks that support those systems. The
standard requires that critical cyber assets related to the reliable
operation of the bulk electric systems are identified and protected. The
standard and its associated implementation plan are effective for one
year from the date of adoption. The industry is now developing a
permanent cyber security standard to replace the standard approved

?The board was unanimous in its decision to adopt this important
standard,? said NERC
Chairman Richard Drouin. ?With this action, the industry has taken a
major step to ensure that the reliability and security of the
interconnected electric grid is maintained throughout North America,? he

The board?s action follows an industry action to approve the standard by
a weighted vote of 72.6 percent. The board?s approval means that this is
the first standard to go through NERC?s new, ANSI-accredited process for
developing reliability standards.For more information about the cyber
security standard and its requirements, please go to the cyber standard
web page. []

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