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[] Edwards AFB geschlossen wegen Blaster Wurm,

By Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough


Edwards shut down 
Computer systems at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., were shut down
this week as a result of the "Blaster" computer worm.
The desert base is home to the Air Force Flight Test Center, which
conducts work on the B-2 and B-1B bombers, the airborne laser, the
Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle, the new F-22 Raptor jet fighter,
the Joint Strike Fighter and other high-tech weapons.
"We stopped access to our base computer network Monday about 2 p.m.
because of the Blaster worm," said Air Force Lt. Col. Kerry Humphrey,
a base spokeswoman.
"We don't know how much damage was done, but we're slowly but surely
getting our system back on line."

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