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[] USA: 2003 Modeling and Simulation Award Winners Announced,

No. 673-03
Sep 11, 2003

2003 Modeling and Simulation Award Winners Announced

The Department of Defense today announced the recipients of the 2002
Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Awards.  Each year, the DoD M&S Awards
recognizes units, organizational elements and individuals (civilian
employees and
active duty service members) of the DoD components for excellence,
innovation and
achievement in advancement of  "state of the art" M&S.  Recognition is
also given to
contribution towards interoperability and reuse in support of DoD M&S

The awards program is sponsored by the Under Secretary of Defense for
Technology and Logistics.  This year's awards ceremony will be held at
the Pentagon,
Sept. 29, 2003.  Awards will be presented by Dr. Ronald Sega, director
of defense
research and engineering and chair of the DoD Executive Council for
Modeling and

The recipients of this year's DoD M&S Awards are as follows:

Acquisition category:  The Missile Defense Agency, Washington, D.C., for
"Enterprise Strategy for Modeling and Simulation."

Analysis category:  The Threat Signal Processor-in-the-Loop (T-SPIL)
Team, Naval Air
Warfare Weapons Division, Naval Air Systems Command, China Lake, Calif.

Training category:  The Training Systems Technology Team, Warfighter
Research Divsion, Air Force Research Laboratory, Mesa, Ariz.

Cross-function category:  Dr. Gene E. Layman, Naval Research Laboratory,

Additional information regarding the M&S Awards Program can be found at or contact the Defense
Modeling and
Simulation Office at (703) 824-3437 or pao -!
- dmso -
 mil -

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