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[] US: Chief cyberwarrior to join Army CIO,

Chief cyberwarrior to join Army CIO

BY Frank Tiboni
Federal Computer Week, Oct. 14, 2003	

The U.S. military's top cyberwarrior will join the Army's chief
information officer office in November, according to a service statement

Army Maj. Gen. Dave Bryan will lead the Army's signal force
reorganization. "Dave will be the HQDA's 'lead dog' in restructuring the
signal regiment, people and equipment," Army CIO Lt. Gen. Steve Boutelle
said in the statement.

Boutelle has cited reorganizing Army signal elements as one of his top
priorities as the service's new CIO. Bryan "is on a 'fast track' to
facilitate that restructure based on Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation
Enduring Freedom and the Balkans," Boutelle said.

Bryan commands the Joint Task Force-Computer Network Operations, which
oversees the U.S. military's computer network defense and attack
missions. He helped form JTF-CNO three years ago.

As JTF-CNO commander, Bryan also was deputy director of the Defense
Information Systems Agency.

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