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[] InterPhil: CFP: Warfare in the 21st Century,

Subject:        	InterPhil: CFP: Warfare in the 21st Century
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Dear list member,

Ethical Perspectives: The Journal of the European Ethics Network is
preparing a special issue on the ethical presuppositions and
implications of warfare in the 21st century. We would welcome papers
reflecting on recent events (in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, etc.), or
looking toward the future of warfare and international relations, from
an ethically informed standpoint.

The topics considered for publication might include:
- "Just war" theories: revisited or revised?
- The difference between just war and holy war
- The use and misuse of just war-arguments
- A European critique of US unilateralism and its presuppositions
- The pre-emptive strike: a new theory of just war?
- The turn to Realpolitik in international relations
- .

Guest editor:  Prof. Johan Verstraeten
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Bart Pattyn

December 1st, 2003

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- For submission details, please consult the Information for Authors
section of our website

The primary goal of Ethical Perspectives is the promotion of dialogue
between fundamental and applied ethics at an international level. The
journal strives to accomplish this through interdisciplinary
collaboration among ethicists and specialists from diverse backgrounds,
with a European focus.

Papers on topics in fundamental or applied ethics are also welcome for
other issues of Ethical Perspectives.

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