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U.S. Outlines Priorities for World Summit on the Information Society
Commitment to private sector, rule of law critical for infrastructure

The U. S. delegation to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
is advocating a strong private sector and rule of law as the critical
foundations for development of national information and communication
technologies (ICT). Ambassador David Gross, the U.S. coordinator for
international communications and information policy, outlined what he called
"the three pillars" of the U.S. position in a briefing to reporters December

Gross will head the U.S. delegation to the December 10-12 event in Geneva,
Switzerland. Presidential Science Advisor Dr. John Marburger will deliver a
speech on behalf of the president. The U.N. General Assembly-sanctioned
event is set to conclude with multinational agreement on a declaration of
principles and a plan of action, documents that participating nations have
been negotiating for almost two years.

As nations attempt to build a sustainable ICT sector, commitment to the
private sector and rule of law must be emphasized, Gross said, "so that
countries can attract the necessary private investment to create the

A second important pillar of the U.S. position is the need for content
creation and intellectual property rights protection in order to inspire
ongoing content development.

Insuring security on the Internet, in electronic communications and in
electronic commerce is the third major priority for the United States. "All
of this works and is exciting for people as long as people feel that the
networks are secure from cyber attacks, secure in terms of their privacy,"
Gross said.

As negotiators meet in the days ahead to resolve these remaining outstanding
issues, the U.S. ICT coordinator urges a focus on the larger issues and
recognition of the "remarkable change" in world thinking that this summit
represents. Even just a few years ago, the Internet and sophisticated
information and communication technologies were considered the domain of the
elites and academics. Now, Gross said, almost every government recognizes
that these technologies are very important to their national development.

"It is an extraordinarily powerful and positive development," Gross said.
"That's why the summit is so important."

    Full text of press transcript:

    World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)

    Office of Science & Technology Policy,
    Executive Office of the President

    Official ITU WSIS Web site:

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