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[] 2003 U.S. Army Transformation Roadmap,

As directed by the Secretary of Defense's Transformation Planning
the Army presents its first annual update to the Army Transformation
Roadmap. Army Transformation will meet the needs of future Joint Force
Commanders by providing a campaign quality Army with a joint and
expeditionary mindset. 

IO wird auch erwähnt, aber überwiegend nur kurz. Ein Beispiel:

"Enhanced offensive information operations capabilities to include
electronic warfare, computer network attack, military deception and
space control"

Immerhin gehört IO zu den "CRITICAL OPERATIONAL GOALS" (S. B-1):

- Project and Sustain U.S. Forces
- Protecting Critical Bases
- Deny Enemy Sanctuary
- Conduct Information Operations
- Maintain Space Superiority
- Leverage Information Technology
- Major Combat Operations
- Strategic Defense 
- Homeland Security
- Stablity Operations


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