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[] Air Force to update electronic warfare database,

Air Force to update electronic warfare database
By Frank Tiboni
FCW, March 8, 2004

The Air Force late last week awarded a $5.6 million contract to Northrop
Grumman Corp. to build the Next Generation Electronic Warfare Integrated
Reprogramming Database system.

The company's Information Technology division, located in Reston, Va.,
will define, develop and replace the existing EWIRDB system. Air Force
officials completed contract negotiations earlier this month and
Northrop Grumman will complete the work by February 2005, according to a
March 5 Defense Department statement.

EWIRDB combines databases from the National Security Agency, the Defense
Intelligence Agency and service intelligence departments. Electronic
warfare is part of the newer, broader information operations capability
that uses computer code and radio frequencies to jam or destroy enemy
radar and communications networks.

The Defense Department is reorganizing the EWIRDB community. The
military wants to address policy and technical issues, according to the
Federation of American Scientists Web site.

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