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[] Neue ad campaign für den Irak,

Hallo Liste,
hier gibts Infos zu einer neuen "hearts & minds"-Werbekampagne im Irak:
from the May 13, 2004 edition

Iraqi democracy: the sales pitch
How a Western PR firm ... tackles the world's toughest ad campaign
By Clayton Collins | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

On the television screen, an elderly Iraqi man sits at a desk, carefully 
folding pieces of paper that suggest ballots. "I choose to live in 
peace," says a voice-over, in Arabic. "I choose justice and stability." 
With a fountain pen, he checks a box that takes the shape of Iraq. "I, 
an Iraqi, choose one Iraq."
The 30-second spot, which began airing in Iraq May 8, ends with the blue 
oval insignia of the Transitional Administrative Law and the same 
mellifluous audio kicker - "an Iraq of hope and peace" - that has capped 
similar ads in recent weeks. (...)


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