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[] China stattet den Weltgipfel Informationsgesellschaft in Tunisien mit Equipment aus,

Da kann jetzt jeder seine eigenen Schlüsse draus ziehen...

Huawei to provide 3G trial for Tunisia WSIS Conference

July 2, 2004

On June 22, 2004, the Ministry of Communications Technologies and 
Transportation of Tunisia decided to choose Huawei UMTS equipment to 
provide 3G trial services in Tunisia. The trial will last for around 
one year's time.

  As a matter of fact, the second phase of the World Summit on the 
Information Society will be held in Tunisia in November 2005. The 
representatives of governments, international organizations, civil 
society and the private sector will come to Tunisia to discuss how 
the world can eliminate the digital divide in content and physical 
infrastructure. It is for this important summit that Tunisia 
government selects Huawei 3G equipment to serve WSIS after strict 
certification. The two cites that will hold the summit, Tunis and 
Hammamet, will be covered by Huawei 3G system.

The MoU is expected to cover the entire end-to-end UMTS solution 
needed for the 3G launch, including UMTS wireless access network, 
core network, 3G mobile intelligent network, 3G mobile data service 
platform and even 3G handsets. For the UMTS system, Huawei will 
provide all the equipment based on 3GPP R4 protocol. The core network 
is backward compatible with 3GPP R99 and GSM. And Huawei will provide 
diversified UMTS services to let people experience the splendid 3G 
world, which includes MMS, Video Phone, Video Conference, Streaming, 
Pocket TV, Push To Talk, Internet Surfing and so on.

Huawei Senior VP Mr. Ding Shaohua said, "Through 5 years' effort, 
Huawei has become a long-term and strategic partner with Tunisia 

Till the end of 2003, Huawei had successfully deployed commercial 
UMTS network in UAE and Hong Kong. Till now Huawei has finished the 
whole Etisalat UMTS project. In Hong Kong, the SUNDAY project is also 
going smoothly.

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