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[] Cybersecurity Symposium, Florianópolis, Brazil - 4 October 2004,

Cybersecurity Symposium
Florianópolis, Brazil - 4 October 2004 (prior to WTSA-04)

Advance Programme
AM 	Official Opening
Session 1
Session 2
PM 	Session 3
Session 4

Monday 4 October 2004
  	Mr. H. Zhao
Director of Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB)

Mr. Y. Utsumi
Secretary-General of International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Mr. Pedro Jaime Ziller de Araújo
President of Anatel
Session 1 - Cybersecurity Threats ? What are the issues ?
  	This first session seeks to inform on current thinking on
vulnerabilities in telecommunication and information systems
infrastructure. Presentations will draw on presenters' knowledge of
threats posed, damage from threats, motivations behind threats,
scenarios for cyber attacks, targets of such attacks, and what the
future holds as we move towards an increasingly high-tech and wireless


    Mr. L. Munoz [Bio]
    Corporate Manager
    Information Security
    Compañía Anónima Nacional Teléfonos de Venezuela (CANTV)


    Mr. C. Brookson [Bio]
    Head of Technology and Standards
    Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), UK

    Mr. F. Quick [Bio]
    Senior Vice President of Technology Corporate Research and

Session 2 - Experiences with and responses to cybersecurity threats
  	This session will relate actual experiences of cyber attacks, and how
they were dealt with. It may include examples of government, private
sector and regional initiatives, as well as multilateral collaborative
initiatives to share information on incidents, and mitigation and
recovery strategies.


    Ms. C. Hoepers [Bio]
    Security Analyst, NIC BR Security Office (NBSO)
    Brazilian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)


    Mr. A. Kremer [Bio]
    Chairman of Executive Committee
    Russian Association of Networks and Services

    Mr. W. Han Kim [Bio]
    Head of KISC (Korea Internet Security Center)/KrCERT
    Vice President of KISA (Korea Information Security Agency)
    Korea (Republic of) 

Session 3 - Standards, policy, regulatory and legal aspects
  	This session will explore the potential standards, regulatory and
legal tools which could be deployed to reduce or eliminate damage from
cyber attacks, and to increase the robustness of both the
telecommunication and information systems infrastructure and the legal
and regulatory framework within which it operates. The session will also
discuss standardization, policy and regulatory initiatives involving
companies, administrations and regional bodies, which are aimed at
further securing cyberspace.


    Ms. M. Gordon [Bio]
    Telecommunications and Standards
    US Department of State


    Mr. A. Webling [Bio]
    Special Adviser
    National Information Infrastructure Protection, Information and
Security Law Branch
    Attorney General's Department

    Mr. W. Fumy [Bio]
    Security Technology

Session 4 - Panel discussion: Lessons learned and the way forward
  	The end of the symposium will see a lively discussion led by
moderators and speakers and involving all attendees on lessons learned
and what kinds of good practice, approaches and initiatives might
further secure cyberspace. The aim is to identify key measures that can
be taken by the ITU, its membership and related organizations to address
these issues.


    Mr. M. Binder [Bio EN|FR]
    Assistant Deputy Minister
    Information Technologies and Telecommunications
    Industry Canada

Closing: 17:45

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