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[] US Army vergibt erstmals "information assurance awards",

Army honors security work

By Frank Tiboni 
Sep 2, 2004 

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The Army this week issued its first awards to
service personnel and contractors for excellence in information

Col. Thaddeus Dmuchowski, director of information assurance for the
Army, said the honors recognize "innovation that brought security
under great duress." He said Army information technology officials
also hope the awards call attention to information security

The information assurance awards, presented at the Directorate of
Information Management/Army Knowledge Management conference sponsored
by the Army and the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics
Association, come in a year in which service IT officials said Army
networks experienced daily, persistent cyberattacks.

Army IT officials issued individual and unit awards. They include:

Military: All IT soldiers deployed in support of the war on terrorism.

Civilian: Gregory Bigelow, senior technical expert and network and
security program manager for the Corps of Engineers Enterprise
Infrastructure Services Program. He designed the security
infrastructure for Army Corps of Engineers networks.

Honorable Mention: Angela Rhodes, Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington
District in West Virginia. She led an effort to accredit all the
office's IT assets, started a group to share information assurance
tips and developed a system update utility for the patching of
identified vulnerabilities.

Contractor: James Lynch, senior policy analyst in the Army Common
Access Card-Public Key Infrastructure programs division of the
Information Assurance Directorate. He developed three policies
including the use of digital signatures and encryption, and the
purchase and use of personal digital assistant devices.

Honorable Mention: Eleanor Brings, senior customer support analyst,
Security and Information Assurance Community of Practice, Directorate
of Corporate Information, Army Corps of Engineers in Washington, D.C.  
She implemented the Compliance Reporting Database Version 2.


Huntington District Information Management, Office/Computer Security
Team in West Virginia. The unit developed and implemented an
automated, multilayered approach to patch, application deployment and
verification of information assurance vulnerability alerts.

Honorable Mention: Information Assurance Office, Information Support
Activity in St. Louis. The unit developed a multimedia information
assurance campaign and hosted an information assurance workshop.

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