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[] ENISA online forum,

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	The Dutch EU Presidency has opened an online discussion forum (see about the new European Network Information
Security Agency (ENISA). On behalf of the sponsoring Dutch Ministry of
Economic Affairs, I would like to invite you to participate in this

	I would appreciate if you would also pass this message to the
appropriate interested stakeholders of ENISA in your network.
Stakeholders include the European Commission, member states, information
and communication technologies industry, consumer groups and academic
experts in network and information security.

	Aim online forum: giving input to ENISA's Director for drafting
his Working Program

	The aim of the online forum is getting input in order to help
ENISA drafting his plans in the best possible way. Plans regarding their
Working Program and their way of working. The main results of this
on-line forum will be presented by the moderator of this forum, Pieter
van Dijken, during the eSecurity Conference, 28 October 2004, Amsterdam
( <BLOCKED::> ;
unfortunately no registrations possible anymore). Furthermore, during
the conference the results will be handed over to the Executive Director

	History online forum and how to contribute

	By invitation from the Dutch Presidency a variety of experts
>from European Union countries have made contributions to the future work
planning and activities of ENISA over the past few weeks. These
publications can be found on the online forum. The intention is that
these publications, and the contributions we will receive the coming
weeks, will result in an 'output document'. The first draft of this
document can be found in the ENISA Virtual Consultation Room (heading

	This ENISA Virtual Consultation Room can be reached through <BLOCKED::>  , then click
on 'ENISA Virtual Consultation Room'. To contribute, please follow the
step-by-step instructions in the Virtual Consultation Room under the
button "How do I contribute".
	Note that the comment period will close on 20th October.
	For additional information on the online forum please contact:
	- Pieter van Dijken, moderator online forum
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