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[] E-learning Kurs Security in the Information Age

Hallo Liste

Ein bisschen Werbung in eigener Sache: Wir haben einen einführenden E-learning Kurs zum Thema "Security in the Information Age" verfasst (, vielleicht für den einen oder anderen von Interesse. Hier die englische Beschreibung: 

This e-learning course provides an introduction to the main risks and emerging insecurities of the information age. It discusses the most important aspects and problems of ICT-related risks. The six learning objects include an overview of the information revolution and how it is changing the risk environment; a description of malicious actors and the tools they can employ to damage information infrastructures; an introduction to the research field of security studies in connection with information-age risks; a discussion of the use of ICT in violent and non-violent conflict situations; an outline of critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP) policies; and a discussion of multilateral endeavors to protect cyberspace.
You can choose to study the whole course or just one learning object. Working with the given sequence of modules is the best way to learn about security issues in the information age. However, you can also work your way through the modules randomly as each learning object is independent of the others.

Beste Grüsse, Myriam

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