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[] Call for Papers - Crime Justice and Surveillance Conference 2006

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Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th April 2006

In the UK the last decade has seen an unprecedented deployment of surveillance technologies and practices in the name of crime control. Drug testing, electronic monitoring, DNA testing and video monitoring have all expanded rapidly. Actuarial practices based on risk assessment and offender profiling have become central to proactive based policing strategies that âtarget the criminal and not the crimeâ, and intelligence gathering has been put at the heart of policing. In addition multi-agency partnerships, which integrate police, probation, education, social services and health departments in a âjoined upâ approach to crime reduction have led to new practices of information exchange. This is aimed at both identifying potential deviants for pre-emptive intervention and subjecting known criminals to âintensive supervision and surveillanceâ in the community. The criminal record has now been enhanced and expanded with the development of searchable data-base technologies, specialist registers, and facilities to allow access to externally held databases.

These developments are not unique to the UK, and this conference seeks to
explore the British experience in the context of developments in Europe and beyond and to consider the social, political and legal issues that arise from the expansion of surveillance. Although the conference will have a particular European focus we would especially welcome contributions
from researchers in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand,
Africa and the Asian sub-continent. The conference aims to be truly inter-disciplinary and welcomes contributions from sociologists, anthropologists, geographers, criminologists, socio-legal scholars, historians, economists and social scientists researching surveillance practices and technologies

It is planned that all papers given at the conference will be considered for publication in a special edition of Surveillance and Society. However, acceptance of a paper for the conference is not a guarantee of publication as all submissions will be subject to normal peer review procedures. We particularly welcome papers on the following topics

ÂTheorising the new technologies of surveillance
ÂNational and international trends in the growth of surveillance
ÂCase studies of the impact of new surveillance technologies in different institutional settings/countries
ÂSurveillance technologies and social exclusion
ÂThe portrayal of surveillance technologies in literature, film and the media
ÂSurveillance and legal regulation
ÂThe history and politics of surveillance technologies
ÂResistance to surveillance technologies
ÂThe contours of public acceptability of new surveillance technologies
ÂSurveillance technologies and civil liberties.
ÂEthical issues in the use of surveillance technologies
ÂIntelligence led police and the use of police informers
ÂNew database technologies
ÂGIS systems and Criminal Justice

This is a non-residential conference and participants will need to make
their own arrangements for accommodation.  The Conference Fee will be Â135
(Â125 for early registration) for the two days and Â70 for one-day
attendance. The fee will include refreshments and lunch, but not overnight
accommodation or evening meals. There will be a conference dinner on April
4th at an additional charge of Â35.

ÂInformation about the Sheffield Centre for Criminological Research
can be found at:
ÂInformation about the University of Sheffield can be found at:
ÂDetails of how to get to the University can be found at:
ÂMaps of the university can be found at:
ÂDetails about the city and hotels can be found at:
ÂThe most convenient airport is located at Manchester. Sheffield is
one hour away by train. Details can be found at:
ÂFlights to and from Manchester can be found at:

A conference web page will be up and running in July 2005 and this will give further details of possible accommodation, travel arrangements and the
conference programme


For those who are interested in giving a paper or attending the conference
please register your interest by sending an email to L -
K -
Burns -!
- shef -
ac -
as soon as possible and before July 31st 2005 â with the following

ÂCountry of residence
ÂInstitutional affiliation
ÂInstitutional address
ÂTelephone number
ÂEmail address
ÂProposed title/subject of paper
ÂIf you merely are thinking of attending but do not want to give a paper please state this clearly.

We look forward to hearing from you

Professor Clive Norris
Dr  Gwen Robinson
Dr Paul Knepper

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