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Re: [] NSA Looks for More Ways to Mine Data


mit ist erst jetzt aufgefallen das es in den USA offenbar seit langem
eine funktionierende Vorratsdatenspeicherung gibt, also das was die EU
bei uns will! Steht in dem unterem Abschnitt recht deutlich.

RB> <>

RB> He was alluding to databases maintained at an AT&T data center in Kansas,
RB> which now contain electronic records of 1.92 trillion telephone calls,
RB> going back decades. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital-rights
RB> advocacy group, has asserted in a lawsuit that the AT&T Daytona system, a
RB> giant storehouse of calling records and Internet message routing 
RB> information, was the foundation of the N.S.A.'s effort to mine telephone
RB> records without a warrant.

RB> An AT&T spokeswoman said the company would not comment on the claim, or
RB> generally on matters of national security or customer privacy.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Bodo Staron                       

Bodo Staron
Weidachstrasse 8
85748 Garching

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