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[] Katar gründet CSIRT

Was für die IT-Sec Fraktion mit Nahost-Interessen.

Meet on creating computer security response team

Staff Reporter
12 March, 2006

THE Qatar Computer Emergency Response Team (Q-CERT)  will host a
workshop on Creating a Computer Security Incident Response Team
(CSIRT) on March 26.

The CSIRT is a team of information security personnel within an
organisation. Establishing a CSIRT is essential to developing an
awareness of the importance of information security to the normal
stream of business and to developing the capability to respond to and
resolve information security incidents in a timely manner.

This workshop is designed for managers and project leaders who are
considering implementing a CSIRT in their own organisations.

It will provide a high-level overview of the key issues and decisions
that must be addressed to establish a CSIRT. As part of the workshop,
attendees will develop an action plan as a starting point in planning
and implementing their CSIRT.

The creation of a CSIRT is often the preliminary step to evolving an
information security strategy that considers the business needs of the

The capacity of this first Q-CERT offering will be limited. Those
interested should contact the Q-CERT at register -!
- qcert -
org for
additional information and registration.

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