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via EDRi:

Swedish authorities shut down Chechen separatist Web site

The Associated Press

Swedish police have shut down a Chechen separatist Web site following
Russian complaints that the site encouraged terrorism, officials and
news reports said Saturday.

The Kavkaz Center Web site was closed down Friday after police with a
search warrant confiscated two servers from the PRQ Web hosting
company in Stockholm, police spokeswoman Carolina Ekeus said.
The site is regarded as a clearing house for information and a
mouthpiece for Chechen rebel leaders battling Russian troops in the
breakaway province.

Mikael Storsjo, the owner of the confiscated servers, told Swedish
news agency TT that the Russian embassy had filed a police complaint
that the site incited rebellion by hailing a bloody attack in Nalchik
by suspected Islamic extremists in October.

Prosecutor Hakan Roswall, who ordered the servers confiscated, could
not be reached for comment.

The Web site has bounced around on numerous servers in the Nordics
and Baltics for years, and has previously been shut down by
authorities in both Finland and Lithuania.

Russia initially complained to the Swedish government about the site
in 2004, when it was moved to a Swedish server.

On Saturday, the site had been replaced by a temporary page with a
link to a different Web address with the same content as the original
Kavkaz Center site. was the site name. In the message on the web
site today, there are more details, in Russian.


Swedish prosecutors have closed a web-site on which Chechen
separatists promoted their ideas and called for war with Russia. The
move was prompted by a request from the Russian authorities, Finnish
owner of the servers and the hosting company owner told The Local
daily on Saturday.

The web-site was hosted on servers owned by a Finnish businessman.
Russian and Finnish objections in autumn 2004 resulted in him moving
the site to Sweden, where he rents space at a web hosting company.
The owner of the hosting company yesterday received a call from the
international prosecutor's office in Stockholm, requesting a meeting.
"They came to the office and held a short meeting about our
relationship to the client. Someone from the National Criminal
Investigation Department also took part," the owner explained. "The
prosecutor then decided to search the premises and to confiscate two
servers." "I see this as an outrage. I don't agree with what's
written on the website but I respect their right to free speech."
TT News agency said on Friday that the internet address of the closed
web-site was linking to a temporary homepage with identical content,
hosted in a server in Lithuania. Lithuania's supreme court recently
decided despite Russian opposition that the website can remain up.

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