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[] DHS Cybersecurity Chief: Vaporware-Man kommt doch noch

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DHS says cybersecurity exec candidate coming soon

By Wade-Hahn Chan
Sept. 13, 2006

The Homeland Security Department has a potential candidate to fill the
almost yearlong vacant position of assistant secretary of cybersecurity,
said George Foresman, DHS' undersecretary for preparedness, today at a
hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee's Economic
Security, Infrastructure Protection and Cybersecurity Subcommittee.

Foresman announced the news after subcommittee members expressed their
disappointment that DHS has yet to fill the role, which was established
almost a year ago. He said the department has a strong potential
candidate and it would possibly bring the candidate forward in the near
future, pending a security clearance process.

"One person is critical but not indispensable," Foresman said. "We're
not going to simply hire someone to fill the position."

Foresman also said that DHS has someone in the role temporarily but has
not placed someone in a full-time acting role.

When asked if the pending security clearance was the only reason the
potential candidate was being delayed, Foresman said yes.

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