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[] EU Dokument: Establishing the European Network and Information Security Agency

Langsam wird es Ernst mit ENISA - das zieht sich ja auch schon eine Weile hin... Ich bin sicher, es gibt auch irgendwo einen offiziellen Link, aber ich habe es gerade hier gefunden.

Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council Establishing the European Network and Information Security Agency

The paper outlines the proposal to establish a regulatory agency (the European Network and Information Security Agency) as a means of achieving closer cross-border cooperation on network and information security in the EU.

-  Section 1 outlines the objectives and tasks of the Agency;
-  section 2 outlines the organization and management of the Agency;
- section 3 addresses operational issues, such as the Agency’s work programme, its independence, and issues of transparency and confidentiality;
-  section 4 discusses financial provisions;
- section 5, general provisions, such as legal personality, liability, protection of personal data and participation of third countries; - and section 6, final provisions, such as the Agency’s location and duration.

Download at PDF format

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