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[] Terrorists lure young online with comedy


Yucking It Up With Terrorists Online

Not quite sure what to make of this one. You tend not to think of terrorists as having much of a sense of humor. After all, it often seems like part of the problem is their lack of a sense of the absurd about what they're doing. The more people learn to laugh at themselves, you would hope, the less likely it seems they are to go on a rampage blowing up others. However, it appears that terrorist organizations are learning that in the internet age, ads are content too. Rather than long, boring speeches by their leaders, they too are looking to make use of the latest in user generated content: specifically putting up "animated videos, comedy clips and Top 10 video lists" in an effort to recruit new terrorists. Of course, this will only increase the belief from some (who seem to have a lack of humor of their own) who like to blame the internet for terrorist activities. Instead, though, perhaps it's an opportunity to use the same tools to convince people to stay away from such activities.

Das Original:

Nov 15, 6:35 PM EST

Terrorists lure young online with comedy
Associated Press Writer
SINGAPORE (AP) -- Terrorists who have long embraced the Internet for propaganda and planning have begun to post comedy and Top 10 lists to draw in young recruits, experts say.

Bouchaib Silm, a researcher with the terrorism department at Singapore's Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies, said Web sites are becoming more modern in design, incorporating content designed to hook a younger generation of sympathizers and potential recruits.

Sites can no longer simply show videos of Osama bin Laden giving an hourlong speech as he sits in front of a bare wall, Silm said.

"The young of today will not listen to him," he said. "They will get bored. So the recruiters need something new to attract them."

He said some sites have recently offered animated videos, comedy clips and Top 10 video lists of the most devastating terror attacks.

"There is a shift in technology and presentation," he said. "The point is to attract an audience."

Silm made the remarks at the Digital Terrorism conference in Singapore on Tuesday.

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