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Re: [] InfowarCon ist zurück - Call For Papers

Train to become a Psychic Warrior ?
Remote Viewing (= Hellsehen) ?
usw. usw.
Dieser unkommentierte CfP scheint mir höchst obskur und riecht nach fake
(Yes Men wären z.B Kandidaten).
Kennt jemand diese Konferenz, die Veranstalter etc. ?

Johanna Roering
Universität Tübingen

On 3/7/07, Ralf Bendrath <bendrath -!
- zedat -
fu-berlin -
de> wrote:

19-21 September 2007

Managing & Operating the Information War
September 2007, Washington, DC

Your Hosts

Winn Schwartau, (Founder InfowarCon & www.Infowar.Com)
Larstan Events (www.Larstan.Net)

InfowarCon 2007: We're Back

     * Experience The World's Best IW/IO Conference - Ever.
     * A perfect amalgam of Military, Government, Commercial & 1st
     * Meet and confer with the best minds the field offers.
     * More Hands-On Demonstrations
     * Interactive Solutions
     * More International than Ever
     * Strong 1st Responder Support

Call For Papers

Are we are at 'War'? Operations Other Than War? Regional Conflict? No
matter the terms we choose to use, we can all agree that Information is
more critical than ever before: Is it InfoWar? Information Operations?
InfowarCon 2007 brings together political, military and commercial leaders
from around the world to discuss the latest in threats and defenses. We
are soliciting creative, analytic, interoperable real-world opinions and
solutions that will function in:

     * Countering the threats of Global and National Cyberterrorism
     * National and Municipal Critical Infrastructure Protection
     * Military and Government Information Operations (Defense and

Interested parties from government, law enforcement, academia,
corporations, product vendors and individuals from all nations are invited
to submit papers or concepts for presentations to be given at InfowarCon
2007 and published in the Conference Proceedings and on our web sites. The
following Solutions Oriented topics are of special interest to the
conference, but all papers will be considered.

     * Changing IW/IO Doctrines for War and Peacekeeping
     * Offensive weapons and technologies
     * Terrorist Insights: Methodology and Psychology
     * Non-Lethal Technologies and Applications
     * The New Insider Threat in an Unstable Politically Correct World
     * Infrastructural protection, defensive and reactive technologies and
     * CyberTerrorism: Changes and New Realities
     * How Our Adversaries Have Changed: The human elements of infowar &
     * Law enforcement: problems, solutions and cooperation
     * Case studies and real world successes of defensive information
warfare and infrastructure protection
     * Effective information assurance (IA)
     * The law and cyber-conflict: international and US issues
     * Smart weapons
     * Intelligence options to combat infowar
     * Formulating electronic civil defense, national and intelligence
     * Education, ethics and security awareness
     * Interactive infowar and strategic gaming, and disaster response
     * Balancing privacy: US and international cooperation

Content of special interest relates to Psychological Operations in its
many guises:

     * Who Controls the Message?
     * Use of the Media in Conflict
     * Balancing Enemy Broadcasting Efforts
     * Perception Management
     * Managing Public Opinion (Domestic & Int'l.)
     * Creating International Consensus
     * Media, the Message and Culture
     * The Pros & Cons of Politically Correct

NEW! Learn To Think Like a Terrorist

Sponsored by the Terrorism Research Center, InfowarCon 2007 is hosting a
one day "Terrorist Training" where tutorial students can will experience
some of the training real terrorists go through. Perfect introduction
course and great for 1st. Responders who need to understand the terrorist

NEW! Psychic Warrior Training

Learn from the master of Psychic Warfare himself! Learn the basics of
Remote Viewing, how it has been used by the U.S. for three decades and how
it applies to IW/IO. Then, see if you have the capabilities to become a
Psychic Infowarrior youself! Amazing, real and hands on.

General Submission Notes

Entertainment and education go hand in hand. InfowarCon speakers are among
the best in the world, and we want all attendees to get the most value for
their time. Please keep the following in mind:

     * Your Audience:
           o Multi-media presentations, real-time scenarios or gaming,
audience participation and highly interactive topics are more likely to be
accepted by the Board of Advisors and appreciated by your Audience.
Debate, controversy, dissimilar positions and opinions have always been
encouraged and appreciated at InfowarCon.
           o English is the official conference language and all sessions
will be unclassified. Your Audience is military, intelligence, commercial
and international. Some are very technical and others are very senior,
           o Your Audience is looking for Real-World Solutions to
Real-World Problems, as well as being made aware of future possibilities.
Your Audience wants to come away with something tangible to do, enact,
change, design, buy or enforce.
           o The quality of presentation materials is very important.
Handouts should accurately reflect the presentation.

     * Submissions:
           o Visit for previous conference information
and programs.
           o Please submit up to a 3 page briefing with as many pictures,
diagrams and descriptions of the proposed session. Submissions are to be
in PDF format, of a Word or Powerpoint. (We are security conscious).
Include length of session (or full day tutorial) or time needed for panel
           o One paragraph 'Advertorial' on who should attend this
session, why it is important to them, and what they will learn and take
away with them by attending. What sort of give-aways or handouts will be
           o What is the baseline knowledge required for the session. Is
it very technical? Is it for management, military leaders, or 1st
           o What sort of technical arrangements you will need or will
provide, such as in classroom settings. This helps us determine which
facilities are best suited for your session.
           o Full contact information including title, mailing address,
phone, fax, cell phone, website, and your current BIO (pdf) and picture
(jpg, gif, tif, etc.).

     * Dates:
       Submission Deadline: May 1, 2007. Acceptance Date: June 1, 2007.
You will be notified by email or phone. If your paper is chosen, you will
be asked to commit to provide your finished presentation by July 1, 2002.
Please submit to Betty O'Hearn at Betty -!
- InfowarCon -
Com or
Winn -!
- InfowarCon -
Com with "InfowarCon 2007 Submission" in the subject line
of the e-mail.

     * Remember:
       Entertainment combined with Quality Information is the key to

     * Questions?
       For inquiry or discussion on submissions, please contact Betty
O'Hearn at Betty -!
- InfowarCon -
Com or Winn -!
- InfowarCon -

     * Sponsorships and Exhibits:
       INFOWARCON is an ideal means to reach high-level infrastructure
protection decision makers in the military, government, commercial and
international communities. Hosted parties, cocktail receptions, breaks and
special exhibit hours are dedicated to introduce you to new opportunities.

Please contact Eric Green. EricG -!
- InfowarCon -
Com 914.244.1660

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