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[] Special Report: The USA's Transformational Communications Satellite System (TSAT) (defense acquisition, defence purchasing, military procurement)

Only the first paragraph in this mail, it's a lengthy feature and copyrighted.


Special Report: The USA's Transformational Communications Satellite 
System (TSAT)
Posted 19-Jul-2005 12:29

Raytheon: C4ISR Future?

As video communications is integrated into robots, soldiers, and UAVs, 
and network-centric warfare becomes the organizing principle of American 
warfighting, front-line demands for bandwidth are rising sharply. The 
Transformation Communications Satellite (TSAT) System is part of a 
larger effort by the US military to address this need.

The final price tag on the entire TSAT program is expected to reach 
$14-18 billion through 2016, which includes the satellites, the ground 
operations system, the satellite operations center and the cost of 
operations and maintenance. By mid-2007, the U.S. Air Force will either 
decide to build the TSAT system on its current schedule and launch in 
2013-2016, or postpone TSAT, take stopgap measures and add Advanced 
Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellites 4 & 5 to the three slated for 
launch from 2009-2012.

Lockheed Martin and Boeing have won a total of $514 million each in risk 
reduction contracts for the TSAT SS satellite system, in hopes of making 
that Plan B unnecessary. Meanwhile, TSAT's $2 billion TMOS ground-based 
network operations contract has just been awarded.

TSAT has seen a recent resurgence of news coverage, and its central role 
in next-generation US military infrastructure makes it worthy of 
in-depth treatment. Yet its survival is not assured by any means. 
Outside events and incremental competitors could spell its end just as 
they spelled the end of Motorola's infamous Iridium service. This 
updated DID Special Report looks at the TSAT program, its challenges, 
and the potential future(s) of U.S. military communications.

    * Key Background - Why TSAT Is Thought to be Necessary (i.e. 
continue reading...)
    * Key Background - The Big Picture: TSAT and the Transformational 
Communications Architecture
    * Briefing - What Is TSAT?
    * Briefing - TMOS: TSAT's Ground Component
    * Briefing - The AEHF Alternative, and Lessons Learned for TSAT
    * Analysis - TSAT Program: Issues & Decisions
    * Analysis - Conclusion: TSAT's Competitors - and Its Fate
    * Appendix A - TSAT: Timeline and Recent Developments
    * Appendix B - Additional Readings & Sources

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