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[] Military Readiness Subcommittee Hearing -

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Liebe Liste,

Mitte Mai wurde die Infrastruction Protection Politik von der GAO scharf
kritisiert, ging in versch. Artikel über die Liste. Etwa zur selben Zeit
fanden folgende Anhörungen im Anhang im House statt (Military Readiness
Subcommittee hearing on vulnerabilities of Department of Defense
networks). Da werden natürlich ganz groß die Vorschritte herausgekehrt.
Irgendwie sind diese Anhörungen bei uns untergangen, oder? Auch gibt es
ein bißchen Infos über das SIRPNet.
- Olivier

PS: Mein überfrachtetes Lieblingszitat wird glaube ich das hier...;-)
"...system administrators are the cornerstone of our information
network defense, our front line cyber warriors of the 21st century.
They are the
network infantrymen, manning the virtual foxholes using technical
weapons to
defend the integrity of our networks."
-J. Kellogg

Military Readiness Subcommittee hearing on
Opening Statement of Chairman Weldon (pdf doc) (htmldoc)

Honorable Linton Wells, II, Acting Assistant
Secretary of Defense, (Command, Control,
Communications & Intelligence), Department of Defense (html doc)

Lt. Gen. Joseph Kellogg, Director, Command, Control,
Communications and Computers, (C4) Systems
Directorate (J6), Department of the Army (htmldoc)

Brig. Gen. Dale W. Meyerrose, Director of Command
Control Systems, Headquarters, U.S. Space
Command & North American Aerospace Defense
Command and Director of Communications and
Information, Headquarters, Air Force Space
Command, Department of the Air Force (html doc)

Maj. Gen. James Bryan, Commander, Joint Task Force
on Computer Network Operations, (JTF/CNO),
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (html doc)
Lt. Gen. Peter Cuviello, Director, Information Systems
for Command, Control, Communications & Computers
and Chief Information Officer, Department of the
Army (html doc)

Vice Adm. Richard Mayo, Director, Space Information
Warfare Command & Control, Department of the Navy
(html doc)

Lt. Gen. John L. Woodward, Director Command,
Control, Communications & Computer Systems,
Department of the Air Force (html doc)
Brig. Gen. Robert M. Shea, Director, Command,
Control, Communications & Computer, Headquarters,
U.S. Marine Corps (html doc)


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