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Werte LeserInnen,

seit Wochen ist die Debatte im Gang, welche Aufgaben das neue US-Militär haben soll. Hier ein Zwischenbericht  aus der Sicht von Rumsfeld:

Washington Post
June 22, 2001
Pg. 23

Senate Panel Cool To Defense Plans

Rumsfeld Says 'Trade-Offs' Likely In Implementing New Priorities

By Thomas E. Ricks, Washington Post Staff Writer

Rumsfeld also used the hearing to lay out his priorities in defense reform. Conventional military forces -- the armored vehicles, warships and fighter aircraft that make up the backbone of today's armed forces -- were almost absent from his list.

In addition to missile defenses, Rumsfeld said he was contemplating increased spending on unmanned and robotic vehicles, precision munitions and surveillance from space.

The non-hardware areas he listed as priorities included military personnel, intelligence and research and development.

Rumsfeld hinted he was considering cuts in conventional forces to allow higher spending on personnel and future capabilities: "We're going to have to make trade-offs between current capabilities, investing in people and investing in the future."

The services have worried for months that Rumsfeld's review would result in cutting troops. The Army worried Rumsfeld would do away with two of its 10 active-duty divisions.


Among Rumsfeld?s Priorities

Unmanned systems: Build robotic ground, air, sea and space vehicles.

Space surveillance: Provide nearly continuous space-based monitoring of critical areas of the world.

Missile defense: Defend the United States, allies and forward-deployed forces.

Precision strike: Enable forces to strike targets rapidly on a global basis with larger payload and higher degree of discrimination.

Rapidly deployable standing joint forces: Quickly initiate and sustain operations across the spectrum of military missions.

Experimentation: Create innovative military units. 

Information operations: Increasingly integrate information into operations in peacetime, crisis and wartime.

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