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[] USA: Satelliten verwundbar, sagt das Militär -

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auch das scheint auch ein neuer Trend unter Bush/Rumsfeld zu sein: Die
Verknüpfung von Infowar und Space War, die ja technisch
(Kommunikationssatelliten) und organisatorisch (das Space Command
koordiniert Cyberkrieg im US-Militär!) schon gegeben ist, wird nun auch
auf diskursiver Ebene nach vorne/oben gepusht. Vgl. "electronic Pearl
Harbor" und "Space Pearl Harbor". Folge: Weitere Aufrüstung auch im
Bereich der Anti-Satelliten-Kriegführung. 
Dass die USA dabei nur "die Fähigkeiten von potenziellen Gegnern
replizieren", ist dagegen eine glatte Lüge und dient lediglich der

Grüsse, Ralf

Washington Post
June 21, 2001
Pg. 2

U.S. Satellites Vulnerable To Attacks, Officer Warns

By Walter Pincus

A senior military officer warned yesterday that U.S. military and
commercial satellites are vulnerable to attack and said the United
States must begin creating a system to defend them.

Unless more focus is put on "protecting and advancing our interests in
space," the United States runs "the very real risk of a 'space Pearl
Harbor' or another Sputnik that catches us off guard and unprepared,"
Lt. Gen. Edward G. Anderson III, deputy commander of the U.S. Space
Command, told the House Armed Services Committee.

"We must prepare now to ensure our continued access to space [and] deny
space to others, if necessary," he said.

As a step toward enhancing the country's space defense capabilities,
Anderson said the Pentagon recently set up two Air Force squadrons "to
replicate the known capabilities of potential adversaries . . . [and]
explore future space control technologies."

Anderson sought congressional support for research on a space-based
laser that could be used in missile defense and other missions such as
air defense, global surveillance, space control and target detection.

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