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[] Telegraph 29-06-01: High-Tech Uniform For Troops -

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London Daily Telegraph
June 29, 2001

High-Tech Uniform For Troops

By Ben Fenton

US Army scientists are working on a uniform that would change colour to camouflage the soldier wearing it, protect him from bullets and report any injuries to nearby medical staff.

The Scorpion "high-speed combat uniform" would use tiny devices implanted in the fabric of the uniform. These would include integral antennae allowing the soldier to receive emails and precise information about his location and his enemy's. 

Minuscule light-emitting particles in the fabric would be able to sense the colour and texture of the immediate area and change colour to blend in. Scientists believe that they can make a fabric that would be flexible, but very difficult to penetrate.

Microscopic computers composed of nanotubes and other "nano-devices" would allow the uniform to monitor the vital signs of its wearer and report back to medics off the battlefield, allowing them to decide which soldiers needed to be treated first.

Scorpion is expected to be in service by about 2010, according to Jerry Whitaker, public affairs officer at the US Army Soldier Systems Centre based in Natick, Massachusetts.

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