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[] Australian Financial Information Service Hacked -

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  Australian Financial Information Service Hacked 

By Adam Creed, Newsbytes

06 Jul 2001, 6:07 AM CST

Australian stock market information provider Online Trading Systems confirmed on Thursday its servers have been targeted by hackers. 

The company said that regular server crashes in recent weeks were traced to hackers. 

"Online Trading Systems advises that it has identified serious security breaches of its servers," the company said in a media statement. 

Police have been called to investigate. 

The attacks have had serious adverse effects on the company, which provides real-time stock market information and online trading. Online Trading Systems also provides other Web sites, including the Telstra and Sofcom portals, with real-time financial feeds. 

The attacks have brought down servers and disrupted services to subscribers. 

Reported By, <> .

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