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[] neuer FBI-Chef ist alter Cybercrime-Bekaempfer -

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   FBI: From G-Men to G4-Men?
   By Declan McCullagh (declan -!
- wired -
   2:00 a.m. July 7, 2001 PDT
   WASHINGTON -- It turns out that Robert Mueller, President Bush's pick
   to revive the FBI's ailing image, has plenty of experience
   computer crime.
   This week Bush nominated Mueller, 56, to succeed Louis Freeh -- whose
   eight years as FBI director was marked by a series of embarrassing
   scandals including the murders at Ruby Ridge, the Robert Hanssen spy
   scandal and misplaced documents in the Timothy McVeigh case.
   Freeh was a lifelong East Coast fed. Born in Jersey City, New Jersey,
   he graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey,
   won acclaim for his work against Sicilian gangsters who used pizza
   parlors to sell illicit drugs.
   Mueller, by contrast, is more West Coast.

   He started his legal career at a San Francisco law firm in 1973,
   worked in San Francisco as a federal prosecutor for six years and is
   currently the U.S. Attorney for Northern California. Mueller has also
   done stints in Boston and Washington, D.C.
   "He really knows the crime issues in the (tech) industry," said
   Kennedy, the district attorney for Santa Clara County who has worked
   with Mueller over the last three years. "He will be a good man to
   at the head of the FBI for those types of crimes."
   After moving back to San Francisco in 1999, Mueller created the
   Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property unit in San Jose.


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