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[] GCN 9.7.01 Reps. Davis and Moran reintroduce security data sharing act -

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Reps. Davis and Moran reintroduce security data sharing act
Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) 

By William Jackson
GCN Staff

JULY 9?Two Virginia congressmen plan to reintroduce a bill tomorrow to give businesses protection when sharing systems security information with the government and with other companies.

The Cyber Security Information Act of 2001 would encourage disclosure of information that could help protect the nation?s critical infrastructure, said Republican Tom Davis and Democrat James P. Moran. The bill is similar to one introduced by the pair last year.

Modeled on the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act, it would provide companies with antitrust exemptions, limited exemption from the Freedom of Information Act and protection against civil suits.

Much of the nation?s critical infrastructure, from communications and power delivery to financial services, is commercially run. Business and legal concerns inhibit the sharing of information about cyberthreats, however, the congressmen said. 

The law would provide exemptions for information shared through information sharing and analysis centers. There now are industry-specific centers for the information technology, telecommunications, electric power, and banking and finance industries. 

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