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[] US-Intelligence-Behoerden rufen nach technischer Hilfe -

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... und geben dafür plötzlich sogar Details aus ihren Budgets bekannt.
Weder CIA´s In-Q-Tel noch NSA´s Projekt Groundbreaker sollen bisher viel
gebracht haben... RB

Intelligence, N. 388, 23 July 2001, p. 1



"National security" is not an objectively-defined, solid
monolith; it's a "point of view". In Washington, reformers
fight conservative politicians and government securicrats over
the publication of the national intelligence budget and the
damage it would cause to "national security". In Big Sky,
Montana, the intelligence community opens its heart publicly --
with budget and organizational details galore -- claims
bankruptcy in science and technology, and calls for backing in
the name of "national security".

Yes, the press stories surrounding the CIA's not-for-profit In-
Q-Tel Silicon Valley high-tech corporation, and the NSA's
highly-publicized, $4 billion "out-sourcing" of high
technology, called Project Groundbreaker, are not what they
have been cracked up to be, and, according to US intelligence
community Science and Technology (S&T) chiefs, a major effort
is needed. At the recent, 2001 Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Aerospace Conference, in Big Sky,
John R. Phillips, Deputy Director of the CIA for Science and
Technology (DDST), Ken Parys, assistant director of the US Navy
Office of Naval Research, and Mary Scott, chief scientist of
the US Army National Ground Intelligence Center, told the same
story in their reportedly first "trial run" at claiming S&T
bankruptcy and trying to get civilian, academic and scientific
support. "Pitches" are going to be made to civilian
organizations other than the IEEE, which is indeed a refreshing
departure from "normal mode of operation" ...and not
universally supported by his colleagues, according to Parys. In
short, they're sticking their necks out on this one.

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