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[] Janes' 27.7.01: USAF to experiment with hyperspectral imagery -

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USAF to experiment with hyperspectral imagery

By MICHAEL SIRAK, JDW Staff Reporter,
Washington DC

The US Air Force (USAF) expects to begin later this
year a one-year space experiment to assess the
merits of using satellite hyperspectral imagery (HSI) to
locate and strike enemy targets hidden by camouflage
and other deceptive measures that can thwart visible

The experiment, part of the service's Warfighter-1
programme, comprises an HSI spectrometer camera
aboard Orbital Imaging Corporation's (ORBIMAGE's)
soon-to-be launched OrbView-4 satellite and a mobile
ground-processing command station, which are
designed to provide near-real time HSI to theatre

During the experiment, the USAF will collect up to 500
HSI images to ascertain how well the sensor can
classify targets of military interest at different viewing
angles and under real-world seasonal and atmospheric
variations. It will also perform terrain classification. The
service also has the option of exercising two additional
one-year contract options to collect additional images
and perform other experiments. 

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