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[] JSTARS kriegt Computer-Upgrade mit Compaq-VMS,
Die luftgestützten Bodenüberwachungsradars (Boeing E-8C) tragen nun die
Versionsnummer Block 20. Umgesetzt wird das Computer Replacement Program
vom Air Force Electronic Systems Center in Hanscom Air Force Base,
Statt fünf Hauptcomputern gibt es nun nur noch zwei pro Maschine, dazu
20 Compaq AlphaServer ES40CV mit dem Betriebssystem OpenVMS und

Grüsse, Ralf

Federal Computer Week, 7.8.2001

JSTARS upgrade delivered 

BY George I. Seffers 
Aug. 7, 2001 

The Air Force announced Aug. 6 that it has delivered the first Joint
Surveillance Target Attack Radar System improved through the JSTARS
Replacement Program. 

The JSTARS, a joint Army/Air Force program, is a long-range,
air-to-ground surveillance system designed to locate, classify and track
ground targets in
all weather conditions. The Computer Replacement Program calls for
replacing and upgrading JSTARS servers, workstations, selected portions
of the
radar signal processor, the local-area network and other peripheral

The system can enable personnel flying in friendly airspace to look deep
behind hostile borders to track ground movements. It has a range of more
150 miles. 

JSTARS consists of an Air Force E-8C aircraft ? a remanufactured Boeing
707 ? an Army ground station and a data link connecting the two. The
newest version of the refurbished Boeing 707 is the Block 20 E-8C. 

Through the Computer Replacement Program, the Air Force?s Electronic
Systems Center at Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., has reduced the number
of main computers from five to two while increasing processing speed and
power, Capt. Brad Turpen, deputy of the JSTARS program office?s
operations and control team, said in a statement. 

"It?s also important to note that it?s all based on an open architecture
that allows new capabilities to be added much more quickly and easily,"
Turpen said,
adding that the entire computing infrastructure uses commercial
off-the-shelf technology. 

The plane was delivered to the 93rd Air Control Wing at Robins Air Force
Base, Ga. 

The replacement program also offers a fiber-optic local-area network
that provides greater bandwidth, speed and reliability. In addition, the
plane has a newly developed single
baseline that allows the ground support system, which is used for
training, to have the same system environment as the aircraft. 

In a separate statement also released Aug. 6, Compaq Computer Corp.
announced that the new plane uses 20 Compaq AlphaServer ES40CV systems
running the OpenVMS
operating system. The systems "provide accurate, real-time data and
analysis about vehicles on the ground and slow-moving aircraft for
peacekeeping missions and decision-making
on the battlefield," the company?s announcement stated. 

The plane is scheduled for delivery Aug. 31, which would make this the
seventh consecutive JSTARS delivery ahead of schedule.

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