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[] EDS nimmt 2. NMCI-Netzzentrum in Betrieb/Kongress gegen Marines bei NMCI,
... und macht gleich PR gegen die "zu spät! zu teuer!"-Presse. 

Wegen eines überraschenden Beschlusses des House Armed Services
Committee für den Haushalt 2002 steht derzeit ausserdem die Teilnahme
der Marines am NMCI in Frage.


NMCI foundation spreading 

BY Christopher J. Dorobek 
FCW, Aug. 7, 2001 

Electronic Data Systems Corp. opened the second of six network
operations centers Aug. 6 that lay the groundwork for the Navy Marine
Corps Intranet. 

The center, located at North Island Naval Air Station on Coronado Island
in San Diego County, Calif., will be one of the main hubs for NMCI. It
will provide mission-critical services for the Navy?s West Coast
operations, such as network management and monitoring, help-desk
support, user administration and information assurance. 

EDS opened the first network operations center at Naval Base Norfolk,
Va., last month. The San Diego center, at the Space and Naval Warfare
Systems Command, will control 78,000 desktops and can back up other
regional centers in the event of an emergency, EDS officials said. 

The Navy and EDS, however, used the opening as part of a stepped-up
effort to battle the perception that NMCI is off schedule and off track.
"We are accomplishing what was thought was impossible," said Rich
Rosenburg, EDS? NMCI program executive. 
"We are well on course to achieving a Naval intranet," said Vice Adm.
Richard Mayo, director of space, information warfare, command and
control. "It?s truly incredible what has been accomplished." 

The center?s opening comes just days after the House Armed Services
Committee approved its version of the fiscal 2002 Defense authorization
bill that includes language that would pull the Marine Corps out of
NMCI. The committee has not released the actual language but the cited
NMCI?s persistent delays. 
NMCI and EDS officials refute that the project is off track. 
Brig. Gen. Robert Shea, assistant chief of staff of the Marine Corps
command, control, communications and computers, said that Navy, Marine
Corps and EDS officials need to address the committee?s concerns. But he
said he was convinced that the Marines would continue to be a part of
He noted that the San Diego center is another important milestone for

The six network operations centers will lay a critical foundation for
NMCI. Eventually all voice, video and data traffic to the Defense
Information Systems Network will flow through the centers, which should
make the Navy?s networks less susceptible to intrusions. 

Taking the MC out of NMCI 

BY Christopher J. Dorobek 
FCW, Aug. 6, 2001 

A key House committee has approved legislation that would take the
Marine Corps out of much of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet program. 
Under a provision of the fiscal 2002 Defense authorization bill approved
Aug. 2 by the House Armed Services Committee, the Marines would be
removed from NMCI. 
"Due to lengthy program delays and significant questions about the
Navy?s funding and budgetary strategy for NMCI, the committee recommends
releasing the Marine Corps from the program, excluding aviation depots
and naval shipyards," the committee said.
In conjunction with those cuts, the panel cut the Bush administration?s
fiscal 2002 NMCI budget request by $120 million, down to $527 million. 
The provision was not requested by the Marine Corps, the staff member
said, but came from the committee itself. It is not known who submitted
the provision. 

The move surprised NMCI officials. 
"Clearly, there must be some issues [for] Congress [to] believe that
this is not a good idea for the Marines," said Capt. Chris Christopher,
Navy Department deputy program executive officer for information
technology. But he said the Navy remains confident NMCI will include the

A Marine Corps statement Aug. 3 said, "The Marine Corps remains in
support of the secretary of the Navy?s NMCI initiative and is working
with the Navy staff to develop information to satisfy the committee?s
concerns and move the program forward."

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