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Hallo Liste,

Monday, September 17, 2001, 11:11:10 PM, Ralf. B. wrote:

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Subject: <nettime> Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: False
         Indymedia information about "CNN fake"
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A roughly translated excerpt of an article which appeared in
the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", Sept.
17, 2001, p.51:

"[...] According to the E-Mail whose circulation seems to be
world-wide, some of the footage is from 1991 and actually
shows Palestinians who celebrate Saddam Hussein's attack on
Kuwait. The authors refer to "" and
"" as their home addresses; one of them
even writes that he knows someone in his home country Brasi-
lia who now is a university teacher and who had recorded such
images ("the very same images") years ago, in 1991.

Not surprisingly, the related E-Mail contains due reactions
on this suspicion, a suspicion which boils down to the "pro-
paganda machine" CNN having nothing else to do but stir up
hatred between different peoples, and prepare the world for
war. The authors don't find it necessary to back up themsel-
ves with a single piece of confirmed information. If they had
made a phone call to CNN or Reuters TV in London, which had
shot the first images in Palestinia broadcasted over CNN,
they would have been given not only a disclaimer, but also an
exact explanation where the images came from. Peter Thomas,
head of the press relations office at Reuters TV London, says
that the images of palestinians rejoicing upon burning New
York were shot immediately on Tuesday afternoon by a Reuters
camera team in East Jerusalem. It is "entirely untrue", he
says, when people claim that this was archive footage.

For Thomas, it is telling
that the authors of the rumors didn't even attempt to obtain
"clarification from Reuters TV". While the images of his
agency, Thomas says, are from East Jerusalem in the after-
noon of september 11th, the images of the news agency AP --
which showed similar scenes -- were, according to his know-
ledge, shot in Lebanon. Amelie von Heinrichdorff, speakes-
woman of CNN Germany, too, rejects the rumors "totally": "In
the midst of these horrible events", she said to this news-
paper, "it is sad to encounter people who irresponsibly
spread false information by E-Mail". [...]

To which extent these scenes [translator's note: Jassir Arafat
donating blood] or those shown before may be seen as represen-
tative for the whole picture, remains to be judged by the au-
dience. But those who believe they can weaken certain images
by pointing to a conspiracy theory lack as much differentia-
tion as those who put all muslims under general suspicion.

(From: Michael Hanfeld, The Very Same Images. The first con-
spiracy on its way: How to spread doubt over CNN, Frankfurter
Allgemeine Zeitung, media page, 17.9.2001, p.57, unauthorized
rough translation by Florian Cramer)


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