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[] Telegraph 19.9.01: MI6 and GCHQ crack terrorist messages,

MI6 and GCHQ crack terrorist messages
By Michael Smith, Defence Correspondent
(Filed: 19/09/2001)

MI6 and the British codebreakers at GCHQ have played key roles in the hunt for Osama bin Laden, providing human intelligence and tracking communications systems used by the terrorist leader.

The US administration says it is having difficulty finding him, a claim that is easy to believe given the CIA's self-admitted inability to recruit agents inside his al-Qa'eda organisation.

But with operations being planned and all resources being used to hunt him, US claims of frustration could be designed to cover preparations.

Bin Laden's location was pinpointed last year and a special forces operation was set up to capture him but news leaked out and he was able to disappear.

Although the CIA never managed to secure good agents in Afghanistan, MI6 had a wide range of contacts on the ground.

These were apparently reactivated when Osama bin Laden was identified as a major threat in the mid-1990s and will no doubt be working hard to help to find him. It is also likely that SAS teams are already on the ground looking for bin Laden.

GCHQ's role is believed to have been crucial in tracking down and pinpointing the location of a satellite telephone used by bin Laden. But he stopped using it after the success was revealed in the US media.

Nevertheless, GCHQ and its American equivalent, the National Security Agency, will be monitoring other forms of communication, trying to track down mobile telephones known to be used by bin Laden and his key lieutenants.

A signals intelligence satellite above the Indian Ocean is ideally placed to listen in to any form of communications coming out of Afghanistan.

Intelligence from this satellite, fed back to British signals intelligence bases provided "compelling evidence" that bin Laden was financing a "holy war" against America.

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