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[] STATEWATCH: EU plans to combat terrorism may also cover protests,
STATEWATCH press release, 20.9.01. 


In the wake of the tragic events in the USA the European Commission has put forward a proposal for a "Framework Decision on combating terrorism" which is being discussed today at the special meeting of EU Justice and Home Affairs Ministers in Brussels. 

An analysis of the proposal would appear to show that the intention is to extend the definition of "terrorism" to cover public order situations. 

Tony Bunyan, Statewatch editor, comments: 

"The response of the EU to the tragic events in the US needs to be examined with great care. The definition of terrorism is very similar in its scope to the UK Terrorism Act which is drawn so wide as to endanger legitimate dissent. 

The European Commission proposal on combating terrorism is either very badly drafted, or there is a deliberate attempt to broaden the concept of terrorism to cover protests (such as those in Gothenburg and Genoa) and what it calls "urban violence" (often seen by local communities as self-defence). If it is intended to slip in by the back door draconian measures to control political dissent it will only serve to undermine the very freedoms and democracies legislators say they are protecting" 

For full report see: 


Also on Statewatch News Online: 


On Thursday 13 September, in the wake of the attacks in the USA, the UK government asked all communications service providers to retain details of: i) all logs of emails sent and received (not the content of those emails); ii) all logs showing the allocation of dynamic IP addresses (internet usage) and iii) telephone networks are asked to keep logs identifying source and destination and times of all calls made or routed through their networks. 

The Director of Europol, Jurgen Storbeck, told the German newspaper Mitteldeutschen Zeitung that not all EU member states were prepared to exchange telecommunications data. The problem, he said, was to balance civil rights and freedom with security needs and that "Only by total surveillance is there a chance of total control" which would be unacceptable. 

Includes Statewatch reports on telecommunications surveillance and full-text of letter from the UK National Hi-Tech Crime Unit. 



Following the attacks in the USA on 11 September the planned joint annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank planned for 29-30 September in Washington is being cancelled.  

In Europe the planned conference organised by the Netherlands police in the Hague, 3-5 October where "experts" had been called together to discuss: "Maintaining public order, a democratic approach" has also been cancelled. 



The plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 5 September adopted the report on the Echelon spying system and has a discussion on events in Genoa. 

The central issue of the UK's involvement in the Echelon system remains unanswered - it is the only EU member state in Echelon and gathers commercial and political intelligence through it. 

The debate on the confrontations in Genoa between police and protestors and on the police raids in the parliament was to say the least mixed. Some speakers wanted closer police cooperation on law and order, others were critical of the police role. Some were sorry too little attention was paid to the Summit itself, others that the Summits were not the solution to world poverty.  

The parliament's Committee on Ctizens' Freedoms and Rights is to draw up a report on Genoa and policing. 

[Includes report from the debate in the European Parliament, the full- text of the adopted report, the Resolution and the European Commissioner's speech on Ecehelon.] 


News in brief 


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